Sheicon Women's Short Sleeve Square Neck Long Maxi Fit and Flare Chiffon Lace Dress - B01MDTX7M7

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  • MATERIAL: Soft Chiffon and lace. This dress is made by lining, lace layer and chiffon layers. The upper part is made by double chiffon layers, and the lower part is made by lace layer and chiffon layer.

  • VERSATILE: This light blue dress is great for lots of occasions such like Halloween, people like our dress to be Wendy Darling costumes. Can also be used by birthday party, prom and Christmas and so on! It speaks itself!

  • SUPERIOR: Super high quality, the weight of the dress is about 500kg. (1.1lb). Heavy and luxurious feeling.

  • MAINTAIN: Easy clothing care. Iron low. Wash gently with cold . Hang in the ventilated place. Air-dry.

  • SIZE: In order to make an appropriate size, please pay attention to the product description below.

  • We honestly design and product this dress for women, because we think every women deserve a fresh light blue dress that hug her curves beautifully and can be easily dressed up or down. It can shown up in lots of occasion. And its high quality feeling would definitely make you more confident.

    Choose the inferior Wendy darling dress with lower price? Come on, the folds, wrinkle always driving people crazy. Or do you just want to buy an disposable performance dress? Our dress have no issue like that all! This is the dress that you can keep it in your wardrobe and maybe give it to your daughter or even granddaughter after so many years. Does it sound romantic? For the quality, we are confident about this. And for the style, classic won't be out of date, forever.

    There are always people like this, they buy it, they use it for performance, then they return it. This is NOT ALLOWED! Please RESPECT yourself and other customers who really love the dress. For performance clothes, our new return policy is 2 days returns. If you don't like it or size not right, please return it within 2 days. 2 days is long enough for you to find it's not suitable for you. This is the way we protect our customer, they deserve the best and original one!

    Size XS: bust 33.07"/ waist 25.19-37.79"/ dress length 51.96"/ sleeve length 9.44"

    Size S : bust 36.22"/ waist 27.16-40.15"/ dress length 52.75"/ sleeve length 9.84"

    Size M: bust 39.37"/ waist 29.13-42.51"/ dress length 53.54"/ sleeve length 10.23"

    Size L : bust 42.51"/ waist 31.10-44.88"/ dress length 54.33"/ sleeve length 10.62"

    Sizze XL: bust 45.66"/ waist 33.07-47.24"/ dress length 55.11"/ sleeve length 11.02"

    Sheicon Women's Short Sleeve Square Neck Long Maxi Fit and Flare Chiffon Lace Dress - B01MDTX7M7